What is OAsis?

OAsis is COL’s online institutional repository of all publications. It is an Open Access repository and any publication found here can be freely downloaded for reuse and adaptation. Creative Commons (Version 4, Intergovernmental) BY-SA is the default license used. However, there are some publications which are BY and some, classified as “Governance,” which are BY-NC-ND…. read more »


OAsis is organized into communities which, in turn, are sub-divided into collections of items (Figure 1). For example, the “06. Speeches & Presentations” community is sub-divided into collections by year (Figure 2).  


There are two ways to browse from the OAsis homepage: Via the list of communities in the middle of the page, and Via the Browse area in the sidebar (Figure 3). To browse via method 1, select the community that you wish to browse from the list. To browse via method 2, select an option… read more »


What is searched? The word(s) you type in the search boxes will be searched against the title, author, subject, abstract, region, and series fields of each record. What is not searched? The search engine ignores certain words (a.k.a. stop words) that occur frequently in the English language, but do not add value to the search…. read more »

Refining Searches

When searching, you can refine your search by using the facets in the Refine Search area of the sidebar or by using the Advanced Filters on search results screens. Using Facets When searching, the Refine Search area of the sidebar appears. You can refine your search by simply clicking on the links under any one… read more »

Display Options

On search results pages, there is the option to sort results and change the number of results displayed. This can be done by clicking the gear button (Figure 12).