Refining Searches

When searching, you can refine your search by using the facets in the Refine Search area of the sidebar or by using the Advanced Filters on search results screens.

Using Facets

When searching, the Refine Search area of the sidebar appears. You can refine your search by simply clicking on the links under any one of the following facets: Author, Subject, Date Issued, Region, Series, and Document Type. For example, if you navigate to the “Books” collection of the “01. Research & Publications” community, you can refine your search by clicking on “Distance Education” under the Subject facet (Figure 10).


Note: facets will appear in the sidebar depending if a facet exists as a field in any of your results. For example, governance documents are not a part of any series so there is no Series facet when searching the Governance community.

Using Advanced Filters

When using the search bars to search, the Advanced Filters option appears on the results page. For example, searching women leaders from the search bar on the homepage will bring you to a results page with an option to Show Advanced Filters.

  1. Click on the Show Advanced Filters link. This opens up the filters area (labeled Refine Search).
  2. The default option is to search for Title Contains. Enter a search query into the empty search bar.
  3. Click the Apply button. The filter is applied and a new results list is produced (Figure 11).

refining-fig11Note: the first two boxes (defaulted to Title and Contains) are drop-down menus that allow you to change the combination of search filters. As well, the plus (+) and minus (-) buttons allow you to add and remove lines of filtering to create more complex filter queries.